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We are America’s oldest, non-profit, Search and Rescue Team. The Crag Rats are based out of Hood River, Oregon and cover Mt. Hood, Columbia River George, and surrounding areas.

History of the Crag Rats

In 1923, a group of Hood River Valley residents who climbed together were called out to search for a lost boy. As increasing numbers of people were beginning to venture into the outdoors, the climbers considered the idea of forming a search and rescue group. In 1926, the climbers were called on another search for a lost boy, joining the Forest Service, US Army, and groups from Portland. After several days, the climbers found the boy and returned him safely home, whereupon reporters asked the men the name of their group. Thinking on the spot, the men remembered the name one of their wives had called them after a day of climbing on the crags of Mt Hood, and declared themselves the Crag Rats.

The Crag Rats soon became a well-known search and rescue organization. The Crag Rats still wear the signature black and white checkered shirts that they have worn since the 1920’s, and are still active in search and rescue operations on Mt Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, and elsewhere.



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